About Us
Our Mission

MAREA's mission is to collaborate with the Malaysian Government and other stakeholders to jointly improve collection and recycling rates for a greener, cleaner Malaysia and a more sustainable, waste-reduced future.


MAREA’s vision is to bring about positive change by building awareness on the circular economy approach for more efficient packaging waste management.

Our Structure

With 10 industry leaders united in a singular aspiration and goal, MAREA will serve as a not for profit, professionally-run entity that acts on behalf of the industry as the interface between key stakeholders that include the Malaysian Government. Each of the 10 companies will take its turn to helm the alliance every year, starting with Nestlé Malaysia Berhad in 2021.

The MAREA Chairman for 2021, Mr. Juan Aranols, Nestlé Malaysia CEO, will be supported by the Chief Executive Officer of MAREA, Mr Roberto Benetello

We welcome new members who are willing and eager to join MAREA to sustain the EPR initiative in Malaysia, including non-governmental organisations, waste management and recycling companies, and other interested industry stakeholders.

MAREA's Materials Focus

Local PET bottles are widely collected throughout the value chain.

Incentives are necessary to improve collection and recycling rates of local post-consumer PET collection above the current rate.

Local HDPE material is collected and recycled in a number of recycling plants in Malaysia.

HDPE is subject to price volatility due to oil price & seasonal variations.

End products are industrial applications and household product such as furniture.

Recyclers are also using their capacity for PP to optimise their plant operation.

While local UBCs are collected and recycled in Malaysia, the national collection rate remains low.

During collection, they are collected as part of a mixed paper stream or as a single material stream.

Recycling of UBCs require a price incentive of material to drive collection and technical assistance to the recycler to:

  • Separate paper from PolyAl
  • Process the PolyAl

Local Flexibles are the second highest consumer packaging material in Malaysia with the least recycling rate amongst all consumer packaging material.

Because there are very few Flexible recyclers at the moment, the collection of this packaging remains extremely low.

As such, more Flexible recyclers are needed in Malaysia. An attractive price incentive should follow to encourage material collection.