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Making a Difference in Consumer Packaging Waste

Consumer packaging waste in Malaysia is escalating. With lifestyle changes brought on by the pandemic, end-of-life disposal of post-consumer plastic packaging has now become more critical than ever. To mitigate burden on the environment, Malaysia must adopt key sustainability-centred solutions by moving towards a circular economy.

To tackle the problem head-on, leaders in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry have voluntarily and proactively made a bold commitment to drive change by setting up an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) group of companies to focus on boosting the value chain and significantly improve collection and recycling of post-consumer packaging through a multi-stakeholder approach.

MAREA, also known as the Malaysian Recycling Alliance, was established in January 2021 as an industry-led, pioneering initiative towards circular economy. Our goals will primarily revolve around enhancing collection, promoting the use of recycled and renewable materials as well as minimising post-consumer packaging leakage into the environment.

FMCG Industry Leading the Way

MAREA was founded by 10 like-minded initial member companies that are taking the lead in EPR in Malaysia. The alliance currently comprises: Coca-Cola Malaysia, Colgate-Palmolive Malaysia, Dutch Lady Milk Industries, Etika Group of Companies, Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd, Mondelēz International Malaysia, Nestlé Malaysia, Spritzer, Tetra Pak Malaysia and Unilever Malaysia. Currently, we have another 13 main contributors include L'Oreal Malaysia, SIG Combibloc Malaysia and the latest, Ajinomoto Malaysia.

The 10 Associate Contributors comprise artience Toyochem Specialty Chemical, Avery Dennison Materials, Can-One, Dialog Chemicals, Intertek, MAEKO, MCC Labels, NGR Malaysia, Rieckermann and Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia.

With a clear mandate in hand, MAREA is committed to collaborating with the Malaysian Government and other stakeholders including consumers, waste collectors, recyclers and industry players to drive the singular goal of a greener Malaysia through circular economy solutions.

Extended Producer Responsibility
The Essence of EPR
  •  A voluntary industry-driven pre-competitive solution in tackling packaging waste issue
  • Cost-effective approach for multiple materials
  • Collector of voluntary levies/fees and represents the obliged industry
  • Led by profesionally run, not-for-profit entity that acts as interface between industry, consumers, goverment & NGOs
  • Strengthens existing collection and recovery to improve recycling system in Malaysia
  • An operator of plant and equipment
  • An operator of collection systems, buy-back or drop-off centers
  • Motivated by profit
A voluntary industry-driven, multi-stakeholder solution to tackle consumer packaging waste issues
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Understanding the concerns and needs to encourage participation and increase the recycling rate:
Encourage Separation at Source (SAS) and non-littering behaviour

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Providing support to bolster recycling and recovery efforts:
Support the recycling value chain, capacity building & behaviour change

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Waste Collectors

Providing support to bolster recycling efforts:
Enhance sorting & collection infrastructure and behaviour change

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Public Sector & Federal Government

Collaborating with the Malaysian Government on EPR, circular economy solutions, plastic circularity and policies enactment and enforcement

Our Goals

Goal & Picture of Success by 2025

By 2025, we aim to reach a minimum recycling rate of 25% of members’ packaging volumes
To Maximise the use of recycled & renewable materials
To promote separation and collection at source
To avoid post-consumer packaging materials leakage into the environment
Recycling approach
With 10 industry leaders united in a singular aspiration and goal, MAREA will serve as a not-for-profit, professionally-run entity that acts on behalf of the industry as the interface between key stakeholders that include the Malaysian Government. Each of the 10 companies will take its turn to helm the alliance every year, starting with Nestlé Malaysia Berhad in 2021.
Roberto Benetello
MAREA Chief Executive Officer

Our Main Contributors

Our Associate Contributors

Malaysian Recycling Alliance
Making a Difference in Consumer Packaging Waste

We welcome new members who are willing and eager to join MAREA to sustain the EPR initiative in Malaysia, including non-governmental organisations, waste management and recycling companies, and other interested industry stakeholders.